In recent years there has been a growth of plagiarism of Canadian SPA International® products. These products copies can mainly be purchased online and also through various social media. Undoubtedly, primacy of plagiarism belongs to Chinese companies, since in China and even some other Asian countries craft of copying is to some extend a matter of pride.

If any product excels it immediately becomes very popular and appealing, and with regards to business it represents an interesting item that drives attention of potential business partners. Ruthless practices of plagiarists shall never disappear and therefore our products are protected not only with a trade mark, a genuine certificate, but also with an inner code inside of each CSI® product. The main visual feature of product originality is a logo with initials “CS” imprinted into each spa shell. We continuously pursue to sustain integrity of this extraordinary brand in order to protect loyalty of all our customers and partners. This is to announce that Canadian Spa International® never abate price and all our original products are always sold exclusively in the authorized shops and stores.