Canadian Spa International® - The First CLEVER SPA

About the brand

The main founders of the international brand Canadian Spa Int® are Jan Mikisek and Pavol Gužík. The two founders first met in 2004 at a university, where they studied social studies and international business at the Metropolitan University in Prague by distance learning.

The establishment and launch of the Canadian Spa International® brand itself was further completed in 2009. The first launch on the European market took place in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The inspiration for its name and naming was out of respect for the original models made in Canada. Which were changed imported to the Czech Republic and which were Mr. Jan Mikisek first met on his international acquisitions in Europe. This was the first deeper and technical knowledge of outdoor whirlpools as a commodity for sale, which Mr. Mikisek personally mediated between his business partners and friends.

Mythology & knowledge

The main reason for founding the Canadian Spa International® brand was to create a completely unique stand-alone product, with its own way, which will be able to combine rare experience, personal philosophy with quality and own development, which will be interesting for its price and quality to compete in any market. will be listed. Imported whirlpools and models of both Chinese origin and US distribution were either not commensurate with their price, of insufficient quality, or in opposite extremes completely unaffordable. It was very difficult to find a product that would be consistent in quality at its price.

Direction with self power

After several years of own development, sales in the order of tens of thousands of pieces worldwide, participation in the most prestigious international exhibitions, a completely unique line of whirlpool and swim spa models has been assembled, which determine their own path and direction and gain more and more trust and popularity in individual countries of the world.

The main essence of the CANADIAN SPA Int.® brand is the creation of the highest quality product, at an affordable price, which, however, can be promoted to very expensive and unrivaled packages. To achieve this output product, we managed to create in the small town of Loděnice, near the capital city of Prague, where all our models of whirlpools and swim spas are assembled and tested.

The Present with humbleness

In order to convince existing and future customers to buy our brand, we are aware that just a good price does not mean everything. That is why we rely not only on the prestige of not only quality and design, but also one of the longest quality guarantees in the EU - Quality is based on selected materials and the use of components only from world-renowned brands. Furthermore, we are aware that the waiting process for ordered goods from our manufacturer is very important, ie delivery times and logistically very strong geographical position of our factory.

The centralization of our production in the heart of Europe and the extremely fast delivery time of our products are other very strong business bonuses of our brand for all potential partners of all countries in the EU. Our factory currently produces about 1200 pcs of whirlpools per year and for the year 2021 we expect to increase production by about 50% to the production number of 2500 pcs. We still hope and strive to build our brand only with business partners who conscientiously, responsibly and honestly shape our brand and work.

Each selected business partner who sells or will sell our products must comply with all our business rules, both in consultation, sale, installation and after-sales service. Dealer territory is bound by a dealer agreement to protect all EU dealers.

Our brand is not and will not be the largest manufacturer in the EU, we are not interested in being the largest. Our goal is to produce products that will never be the cheapest, but they will always show the highest possible quality, reliability and security, so that once our children can live with peace of mind and pride from their fathers.

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Original Concept

The main essence of the Canadian Spa International® brand is the creation of the highest quality product.