Become an exclusive seller of the global brand Canadian Spa International® in your country.

Canadian Spa International® products are exclusive, different, with their own philosophy and direction. Our brand follows its own way which we wouldn´t have been able to follow for almost 15 years if we were not aware how important high quality, individuality, top technology in combination with high functionality and devotion are to every and each of our business partners.

Unstoppable vision and global dimension

We continuously support growth of our sellers team. Each business partner receives from us professional and technical training in order to maximaze own sales. Our partners shall be always attentive and continuous training focused on innovations shall support them to grow with us. We provide you with support to succeed in your sales activities and to present our products in a special and customer friendly way. Our brand belongs to the marketing and sales prime in all dealership countries. One of the main reasons of our global brand Canadian Spa International® success is also our interest in overall satisfaction of our end customers. Our complete success is reached not only because of our products exclusiveness but also thanks to several global and basic measures we take. Particularly, it is with concern to our way of our new partners selection and our judgement whether the level of service provided by our new partners can be sustained. Canadian Spa International® can only provide dealership to those companies which can meet our high requirments and demands.

In order to produce the best possible whirlpools and SWIM SPA we must cooperate with the best ones. Therefore each seller of our products is selected thoroughly, tested on business perspectives and afterwards monitored continuously for ability of professional service with outstanding approach to every customer. Our potential customers should always expect all our sales partners to provide them with the best possible service, product presentation and sales that is offered with above standard service and service support. Every end customer receives to each purchase extended warranty, extra professional after warranty service that ensure availability of spare parts within the whole European market.

In order to meet all our commitments the brand CS Int® has become independent and separated from the Canadian founder. In 2009 part of the production was moved to the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic. Here, complex production premises are available and offer self-governing ability to produce and develop new technological concepts and unique designs with a possibility of storage in own reliable warehouse facilities.

The others follow, we make our own way…

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