Whirling swim pools also known as swim spa by Canadian Spa International®

It seems no longer impossible to combine a cooling outdoor pool desired for the summer months with a hot whirlpool suitable for cool evenings, and all this without any special demand for extra space, and with limited operation expenses. Such combination of endless joy, swimming, exercise and healing water treatment in a hot tub is accessible thanks to great combined swimming centres with a whirlpool, or with only a separate swimming part, also called SWIM SPA.

Fulltime entertainment, yearlong use, user friendly simple maintenance and limited expenses remain the main virtues of the whirlpools with swim current. In accordance to sizes, pools depth, and individual designs you may select such a model that would meet all your expectations. The main advantage of the king´s SWIM SPA is its immediate use without any need of major construction work, although minor conversion is partially recommended to our clients. This is mainly because of respect to already existing architecture of the house area or garden, so the SWIM SPA shall be settled with as little interference as possible.

Thanks to a wide range of our king´s swimming pools models selection we try to offer to every single customer the best possible solution. Our main desire is to be of the best service to our clients, by answering any questions and providing assistance whenever requested. We make every effort to be the real counsellor and the good technical support provider while offering multi-purpose models and approved extended combinations of swimming zones SWIM with whirlpools SPA. The right choice, preparation and SWIM SPA delivery require sufficient selling experiences. We truly hope we remain following our way thanks to all our customers´ support. Thank you all for your trust and belief that help us to grow and improve continuously.

With high respect and great thanks to all our customers,
Jan Mikisek,
Sales Manager in the Czech Republic