The year 2023 brings a new breakthrough innovation in the field of relaxation and body care – the Natura hot tub.

This two-bed high performance model boasts quite exceptional features that ensure an unforgettable experience. With its unparalleled strength and exceptionally designed ergonomics, it represents the best choice ever for those who desire the ultimate two-bed experience. Maximum relaxation, comfort, performance and recovery. These are the main themes relating to this model. The Natura hot tub is equipped with the most modern and powerful American-made set of CMP® Endorphin Jets, which, thanks to the maximum performance of WATERWAY® pumps, provide exceptional massage power. The unsurpassed number of systematically placed massage elements ensures that the human body levitates only on the jets, which in the world of hot tubs is the absolute massage peak that can be obtained. Each jet is carefully positioned to apply effective deep massage of the active muscles of the body and relieve tension and stress. The intensity of the massage is fully adjustable according to the user’s individual preferences, allowing you to customize and move the massage to different parts of the body exactly as required.

The design of the Natura hot tub is not only aesthetically impressive, but also practical. Its elegant lines and modern appearance bring a touch of luxury and elegance. The hot tub is designed to fit perfectly to the shape of the body, ensuring a comfortable and effective lying position. The spacious interior of this model provides ample space for taller and larger people.

During the development of the Natura hot tub, great emphasis was placed on ergonomics and user performance. High-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology are an additional guarantee of the quality of this extraordinary model, which has successfully changed the rules to be ahead of its time.

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