If you owe an outdoor spa and are not sure, whether you can use it when expecting a baby? Our answer might actually please you, indeed. We say YES, YOU CAN. Using the spa during pregnancy helps to relieve your stiff and tired back which will be appreciated by many pregnant women.

Pregnant women often suffer from body ache and discomfort which are caused by a quickly growing belly. This especially appears in the third trimester that is extremely demanding for the lower back part. Using the spa often happens to be the most accessible method for removing or at least partially removing above mentioned difficulties.

Isn´t water in the spa too hot for a baby?

Using the spa for pregnant women is absolutely safe, however the spa water shouldn’t be too hot. The water should be maintained within the temperature level lower than 38 °C.

Avoid using the spa in the wellness centre

The spa can help pregnant women to relieve backache or any discomfort of the hip area. It is recommended to take bath in your own spa where we can guarantee water quality. The wellness center represents certain kind of infection risk that can, to certain extent, be of an overall pregnancy risk.

Special caution is needed when exiting the spa

When exiting the spa take special caution. There is a risk of dizziness or slipping on the wet surface. In pregnancy any fall can have fatal consequences. It is advisable to stay in the spa with the partner, some friend or other person as a supervisor. In case you decide to stay in the spa alone be especially careful.

Spa and babies

What about babies in the spa? Spa is not suitable for babies and newborns. Children older than 3 years might already use the spa in the presence of an adult. Some spa models are suitable for children. In order to gain more information about spas suitable for the children visit some of our showrooms, or contact us via phone or email.