Unparalleled system reliability



Transforming the control hot tub
 • Unparalleled system reliability
• Manufacturing Flexibility
• Control panel has a user friendly interface
• Hi-tech material prevents corrosion;
corrosion resistant, chemical resistant heater
Control panel
• Versatile installation
• Multiple languages with easy navigation
• Friendly user interface
• Stylish design



User Interface
• Intuitive menu
• Easy to read color display with graphics
• Background color interchangeable
• Multiple AV operations control your Stereo, TV and DVD
• Smart chip will detect any problems from your hot tub





Easy Navigation
• New button technology solid state
• Up/Down
• Left/Right
• Select


 Operating Temperature  –20˚C (-4˚F) to 60˚C (140˚F)
 Storage Temperature  -25°C (-13°F) to 85°C (185°F)
 Humidity  Humidity: up to 85% RH, non condensing
Weight: Dimensions (W x H x D)  15.5” x 14.8” x 6.4” (without tail pieces)
 IPx5  Thermoplastic Heater
 UL Standard/Files  UL 1563 5th Edition/E90059
UL 1795 3rd Edition/E188744
 Pump 1  240V     2 Speed    12A Max, 15 min. timer
 Pump 2  240V     2 Speed    12A Max, 15 min. timer
 Pump 3  240V     2 Speed    12A Max, 15 min. timer
 Blower  240V     1 Speed    12A Max, 15 min. timer
 Circ Pump (This is the heater pump)  240V     1 Speed    2A Max, Programmable
 Ozone  120V                      .5A Max, Separate relay
 SPA Light  (A 120V light may allow
more than one amp max.)
 12V       On/Off       2A Max, 240 min. timer
 AV (Stereo)  120V      Hot           5A Max, Always on
 Heater  5.5kW @ 240V Max





Unparalleled system reliability
• High-tech, high-temperature resistant housing material
• Proven use in mission critical applications
for automotive & other industries


Unparalleled system reliability
• Chemical resistant heater element & sensors
• Low-watt density efficient coiled element
• Patented heater design eliminates “rattle”
• Corrosion resistant, chemical-resistant heater housing
• Titanium element option







Universal Dolphin Remote
• Dolphin remote is waterproof, a universal control,
it floats on water, has an ergonomic grip & tactile buttons
• Allows direct control of volume and channels

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