Each product of the brand Canadian Spa International® reflects the traditions and importance of the top quality. As it is said, “Beauty is represented by simplicity.” Our spas are a clear proof of this saying. The unique timeless design, luxurious effects, reliability and practicality are only some examples of all advantages that our products have been offering worldwide since the very first appearance of the brand on the market.

All elements listed above are represented at our family spa DELPHINA that is equipped with two comfortable couchettes, three seats, allowing just a perfect massage and relaxation for all five persons. Holders and non-slippery pad ensure safe entrance and exit from a spa, even for the children or people with any handicap. A unique disposition of two couchettes located opposite to each other provides the most enjoyable atmosphere for those who seek peaceful moments after a long busy day at work and desire for shared looks. The spa concept hasn’t even forgotten about small children, who might enjoy two elevated seats with full massage equipment. Thanks to its size, unique dispositions and the top technologies this spa will become a loyal and essential accessory of your home where you can forget about any worries and will regain new energy.