The hot tubs Canadian SPA International® represent the top class products in the section of outdoor relaxation equipment.These whirlpools are characterized by low energy operation that allows their owners all year round use or just sporadic one as required, so any possible energy waste is prevented. We are the only one who offer original approved heat pumps Module ONE for the whirlpools and swim spas of the same manufacturer.

We are continuously searching solution that would help limit operating costs and remain environmental friendly with respect to the nature as well as to operating costs. We offer possibility of the whirlpool connection to the solar systems and eventually to the heat pumps. These alternative energy sources allow their users to operate their whirlpools with minimum water heating costs. Among other options how to limit operating costs during cold months, there is possibility to combine client´s current equipment with our devices. Our models are also equipped with technology modification for heat exchanger installation that could be possibly connected to any alternative energy source. These special heat exchangers allow the users to heat or reheat water even in cold outdoor environment without necessity of electrical energy source use.

All our models are designed to be nature-friendly, they offer low energy operation and possibility of connection to any alternative energy source. For our customers, we design and provide high quality products that can offer a number of energy saving benefits. All our devices are purposely equipped with low energy packets that are part of all our whirlpools involving heat insulation fit that influence temperature gradient in a positive way. These low energy packets involve high level of heat insulation consisting of several layers and upon customer´s request we are able to provide our equipment with special heat insulation, up to the temperature of -30°C.

For our better future, we will continuously strive to create the top, anatomically comfortable and particular purposeful hydro massage whirlpool and swim spa models. Our main goal remains to design low energy cost products that would use economical and efficient technology positively effecting the environment and helping the users to reduce energy cost.