It can all be broken down to one word: micro-bubbles. It’s all about the bubbles, an effervescent cloud of bubbles. This technology is the reason for the huge breakthrough in MicroSilk® hydrotherapy.

Our patented process creates literally billions of these little wonders that work to deliver truly amazing resultsHow does MicroSilk® work? Through oxygen. The water in a MicroSilk® hydrotherapy spa contains up to 70% more oxygen than regular water. Individually, the bubbles penetrate gently into your pores for a deep cleansing, re-energizing and moisturizing your skin.

These aren’t Your Traditional Bubbles

A typical air bubble that is produced by today’s noisy hot tubs are approximately 50 to 100 times larger than a MicroSilk® bubble.  These large bubbles rise to the top of the water and pop. This prevents air bubble to penetrate the skin’s pores, and does not allow the oxygen to dissolve efficiently, which cools the water and keeps open the flood gates of collagen loss.

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