The all NEW Balboa Water Group Hot Tub application for the iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad®.

• Instant access and control of your hot tub anywhere at anytime directly
from your iPhone® 3G – 3GS – 4 – 4S, iPod touch® or iPad® – iPad 2G
• Stay up to date on your hot tub around the clock
• Control the temperature, pumps, lights, blower and filter cycles with a simple touch
• Programmable filtration cycles directly from your iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad®
• Fast, simple and easy to use

Main Controls Screen                Temperature Set Screen          Time of Day Screen          Time of Day Screen Adjustment

ControlsScreen          TempReadyScreen           TimeOfDayScreen              TimeOfDayScreen2

Settings Control Screen            Filter Cycle Set Screen        Filter Cycle Time Adjustment            Filter Cycle Hour Adjustment

SettingsScreen           FilterCycleScreen1              FilterCycleScreen2                        FilterCycleScreen3


Take Control of Your Hot Tub Remotely
Sit back and enjoy the all new Hot Tub Application for your iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad®
exclusively by Balboa Water Group.
Take control of your hot tub anywhere at anytime. Set the temperature, heat mode, lights
and pumps all with a single touch. Download the app today


Spa System Compatible with Balboa Smart Phone App

Viper System – click here for more info


ColossusSystem5sm_5 Colossus System – click here for more info


RevolutionImage5Revolution System – click here for more info


The Wifi Interface Connection For The iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad®


WifiConnectionScreen1 WifiConnectionScreen2 WifiConnectionScreen3

Step 1

Go to the Wi-Fi Networks screen
by touching the Settings icon

Step 2

Touch the Wi-Fi on the
Settings page
Note: If Wi-Fi is not currently
turned on, touch the Wi-Fi line
at the top right of the list.
Step 3
The Spa Control network link will
appear as BWGSpa_XXXXXX in
the ‘Choose a Network’ list
Note: XXXXXX are the last 6
characters in the MAC address
of the module

It will take several seconds for the wireless connection to the spa to be available. To speed up this process, a static IP address can be assigned to the iPhone®,
iPod touch® or iPad© for the point-to network:


Step 1
On the Wi-Fi Networks page, touch the blue right-arrow next
to the BWGSpa_XXXXXX entry to display the address setup page

Step 2
Touch the Static button under IP Address

Step 3
Enter for the IP Address

Step 4
Enter for the Subnet Mask

Step 5
Enter for the Router

Step 6
Touch the ‘Wi-Fi Networks’ button at the top of the page to exit the screen

This address setup only has to be done once.