Canadian Spa is a unique new model designed to NEMO limited layout with dimensions 200x200cm for 3 people.


Canadian Spa is a unique new model designed to NEMO limited layout with dimensions 200x200cm for 3 people. The model name of NEMO has been long awaited news for 2012 and to the superior anatomical design to achieve a unique concept. NEMO offers a full body massage and massage unusual lateral thighs, arms and legs. NEMO is a unique representative of the luxury model and hottub, which in its category, an innovative model and pushes the boundaries of luxury in a minimized space on one level.

A new model of the spa NEMO for the year 2012 represents a very unique concept of the spa which hasn’t been copied so far. This model is constructed and manufactured under the Canadian SPA brand. Currently there is no evidence of an identical copy on the market worldwide, which would have any connection to this new model for the year 2012.

The outdoor spa NEMO is the unique concept of the spa which suits perfectly into limited space, especially into the limited and architecturally designed dispositions. The spa NEMO is already in a standard version equipped by a superb massage of the whole body including unusual horizontal massage of the trapeze muscles. Furthermore, there is offered a massage of the entire back muscles aimed at stressed muscle contours. Spa NEMO is the luxurious home spa intended for any demanding user, who can enjoy maximum delight and well being for paid price. NEMO represents an absolutely stunning and simply functioning model equipped with the top technology and intelligent control system. In the same category of the products, considering its disposition, we could hardly find any model which would be fully comparable. The anatomically shaped couchette for one person offers a complete massage of the whole body including the massage of the lower side of thighs and feet. The other two persons can use complex water care thanks to highly efficient hydro massage systems designated for the back, calves and feet massages.

A revolution massage element, already mentioned above, is the vertical massage of the trapeze muscles, which relieves aches of the entire neck area and trapeze area. Furthermore, helps to gently smooth upper arms, wrists and palms.

The model of the Nemo spa is the news of the year 2012, and most likely a candidate of the most popular spa in the category for 3 persons. A disposition solution of this model is without any compromise offering absolute relaxation for 3 persons at the same time. The NEMO spa is equipped by the American control system BALBO GS SERIES, LED lights, chromotherapy, and adequate and balanced massage system in PROFI HYDRO design. All control and massage elements are present in a chrome case.