MicroSilk® natural healing and cleaning therapy works on the complex basis of air bubbles smaller than 50 microns, that are highly concentrated and mixed with water in a special device. Microbubbles work as natural skin exfoliants. Thanks to their negative polarity they are able to penetrate skin pores and deeply oxygenize and hydrate it.

The MicroSilk® therapy, which is based on oxygen particles transfer, supports metabolic processes in human body and contributes to dry skin hydration. The MicroSilk® technology produces suspensive, highly oxygenated micro bubbles, which quickly disperse in a bath, preparing it for a regular hydromassage. It does not involve any sanitary or chemical burden. This technology is completely natural. Its therapeutic effect is boosted by inhalation of anions dispersing from the water. The healing effects work when anions are concentrated to more than 50.000 ions per cm2. Anions dispersed by MicroSilk® technology are concentrated to to more than 80.000 ions per cm2. They penetrate the skin to neutralize free radicals, increasing the serum serotonin level.