Thanks to the top quality of the sound reproducers BOSE BASS SYSTEM ®, while relaxing in your spa you will be provided with the realistic sounds of the concert halls. The ordinary sound reproducers only play music, however ours sound as from a stage. Our unique Hi-Fi system is of the top class stereophonic system designated to the outdoor spas Canadian Spa International ® with a possibility of the wireless radio control.

The special outdoor sound reproducers ensure reliable operation in extreme outside conditions, including salty water or frosty weather. Each component of our sound reproducers is equipped with a top quality component, which is designed for only purpose and goal, and so to minimize a level of distortion and allow even a tiniest sound detail to excel. The outdoor music system of the highest quality sounds during any weather condition and any day time, always naturally and realistically, empowered with a dynamic impression. The overall control of this system is done via a remote controller that can control and turn on your favorite music without any support of a smart phone or a tablet. Allow the top class sound to please your senses. Certainly, now you will enjoy your stay in the spa even more.