In the field of home spas and relaxation, new concepts and technologies are increasingly being applied to improve our quality of life while remaining environmentally friendly. One such innovation is the year-round outdoor hybrid pool, which is the first small swim spa combining unique massage programs, a practical pool featuring a counter-current and safety steps with massage seats. This small low-energy pool is built to a very practical size that does not require a lot of water, thus reducing energy consumption and maintenance demands.

The unique philosophy of this small self-cleaning model is hidden in its original and functional design, which combines the basics of a classic pool with a strong counter-current, as well as the features of excellent massage elements taken from a jacuzzi. This innovative and smart, yet simple concept is suitable for straightforward swimming as well as for powerful massages, relaxation and fun with family and friends. Today, it is the only product of its kind in the world that concentrates so many unique features and elements in a size of less than 300 cm.

The Darling SPA is an ideal solution for those who have limited space, don’t want a big demanding pool or jacuzzi, but at the same time want aspects of both. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it fits into smaller gardens or patios while providing ample space for aqua fitness, exercise and simple, comfortable swimming. The minimized pool shape offers an amazing space for family fun, celebrations, or just pleasant relaxation in a relatively large home hot tub.

The super massage seats in our hybrid pool are another great bonus of this model. Massage chairs allow comfortable seating at different pool depths with the perfect position for a great back massage. Corner positions allow you to be in contact with the pool area and take care of the safety of bathers or children, but thanks to the recessed corner positioning, people in the chairs are cleverly distanced and do not interfere with the active area of the pool itself.

Safety is very important to us, so we focused on creating a design that provides a safe steps system for easy entry and exit to and from the water. Cleverly positioned massage seats are a great bonus, and you are sure to appreciate the user-friendly pool depth and a unique exercise package with foot and thigh muscle massage. The whole concept is also very low on energy usage, which means lower energy costs and an environmentally friendly approach. Water care is ensured by self-cleaning systems and cutting-edge technologies that not only care for the water, but also continuously clean, monitor and disinfect it. Thanks to its low-energy insulation equipment and thermal insulation lining, this pool can be used all year round with the possibility of connection to a heat pump, heat exchanger or solar panels.