Our participation at the International French exhibition in Piscine-Lyon brought extraordinary response and also pleased not only our existing foreign partners.

Several innovative models were presented at this international exhibition, including the unique and the first completely stainless steel whirlpool in the world. The focus of new partners appeared not only because of completely unique new models, but also due to individual technologies and accessories.

The exhibition goal was to present unique exhibits and to strengthen existing relationships with valued foreign partners that had been temporarily interrupted due to the Covid restrictions. Thanks to this special opportunity, we were able to reunite with our existing and valued clients, as well as welcome new guests and personally present our visions and direction we are planning to follow in the future. One of our main future aims is to be different and better than others however at the same time accessible and environmentally friendly.

Our other core ideals include developing products so unique that they are not only ahead of their time, but also open up new categories. It was at this French trade fair that the long promised and awaited models of jacuzzi baths and swim spas were finally presented, which are absolutely unique in terms of performance, functional design and smart massage.

All our partners and visitors were able to see the new products for 2023 in person, including the Marlin Geometric, a superb two-metre square shaped model, which visually bends reality with the refinement of its massages and functional space. Another new product on show was the exceptional SWIM SPA Oceanus with an independent beach zone. The round Circle model caused a big stir, which is again quite unique on the European market thanks to its all-stainless design with massage and bubble package.

One of the other notable innovations was the introduction of another comprehensive and powerful massage “roadster” called Natura, which took care of the competitive imbalance in its class. With this model and others we have pushed and defined the smaller category of two-person models to a whole new level.

We appreciate your attention and time you spent with us at the exhibition in Piscine Global Europe 2022.

Jan Mikisek CEO for Europe