Unique massage system 3D Human Hydro Jets - innovative technology by Canadian Spa International®

Thanks to the special extended equipment of our whirlpools and SWIM SPA, we may offer to our customers the massage system with configuration of 3D massage jets. This is the patented 3D water massage, delivered always upon request in a dual effect or as an individually selected position. 3D Human Water Jets may have a very fierce and intensive massage effect on muscles in a pressure-vibrating way simulating to certain extent traditional massage. This type of massage represents a unique way of water massage with hammer-deep effect.

The main feature of these elements is to take a major focus on sore central parts of your back where they can help to relieve any pain effectively and promptly. These are recommended to all clients with high expectations and requirements on massage effects who find only water jets inefficient. The whirlpools and SWIM SPA equipped with these unique features such as „3D Human Hydro Jets“, are simply very popular and even useful for people with excess weight who may welcome extra strong pressure vibrating massage or deep massage press.