The main area of our sale: home and commercial spa, family and outdoor whirlpools SWIM SPA and heat pumps MODULE ONE.

Where do I put the hot tub?

Before visiting our hot tub showroom and concluding the purchase contract, you have the task of choosing the right place to put your hot tub. And since it may not be that easy for you, we decided to give you some advice on how to do it in this article.

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Why choose a quality

Canadian Spa International®

Canadian Spa International® - own development and technology

Own technology and development

Every model is made of the high quality acrylate material Lucité® Acrylic, or Aristech® and is equipped with optional technology made by the best producers from all over the world. Since our production is universal we manage to meet even individual production requirements for any foreign market. Development, quality, real guarantees, functional design and reasonable price are our best companions and sales amulets.

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Canadian Spa International® - luxurious design spas

Functional and individual design

Since 2007 our own way is followed by own design and maximum functionality of each form. Every model writes its own story, history, past and development, and consequently its own original and personal label. Every year we launch several new outstanding enhancements which differ from the other producers. We believe only our own way can bring us to a point where our products can achieve their perfectionism.

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Canadian Spa International® - top services and support.

Above standard service and support

Every sale writes a new story and represents a new tie. Year by year our position is stronger and more trustworthy with regards to our products and services. The right and strong business partner is recognized in a moment when your client faces an issue. We will never offer the cheapest price or relatively good quality. We will always pursue to be the best for our clients.

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Certified quality by Canadian Spa International®

Quality and satisfaction guaranteed

All our products are with individual extended warranty. Each model´s history offers improvements for the future. The company Canadian Spa International® is proud of its continuous efforts for improvement in production and services which are offered to our current as well as to our new customers seeking our business in the future. The main goal is to make our clients satisfied since only such client can be of the best reference to our company...

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Unique features and technologies only from Canadian Spa International®


Disinfection System

Unique patented American technology for the most effective and the most gentle disinfection of the whirlpools and the swim spas in the world. The most intensive disinfection effect of 99.9%…

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3D Human


3D Human Hydro jets - unique pressure vibrating jets with deep massage and pressure-vibrating effect of water vibration and effect of massage hammers. There are a couple of jets or…

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Control Panels

Innovative regulation element VISION LED STEEL CONTROL PANELS for regulation of air and possibly of other massage features, fountains, waterfalls. New regulator is specifically designed for ergonomic control and equipped…

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Patented design coating. Unique 4-chamber thermal-insulation system of the coating. This unique feature is made of the high quality PWC materials with wooden mixture and an open chamber profile which…

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All whirlpool and swim spa models are made in the high standard, including favourite shades of coating Lacan Thermal technology, which are of special shades inspired by beauty of the nature. Among these shades we may find very popular and luxurious American walnut or universal colour of Old Wood with vintage look. As the only one in the world we offer a unique thermal-insulation feature of coating with an open profile.

American Walnut